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Specifiers are online

Specifiers use the Wida-me.com platform to vet and compare suppliers in great detail. They prefer to be close to a purchase decision before contacting suppliers directly, and the comprehensive content we enable you to promote gives them what they need to put you on their shortlist.

Lead Management

Get an overview of exactly who is interested in your company profile, engage & follow up with interested Specifiers and respond to direct enquiries and requests for quotes or Questions with regards to your products. 

Customer Insights

Access valuable information of your potential customers, contact, engage and keep them updated about your latest project, products and services.

Brand awareness

Make sure that your company is visible and reachable by most of the specifiers. Your brand deserve a shade of light as well your continuous achievements and projects completed. 


Unlimited Product Pages

Add as many products and services to your profile as you need, make your clients informed.

Automated Reporting

Track your stats, profile viewers and leads with minimal effort using our weekly email reports.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor interest in your products and services , spot trends and potential improvements required.

Lead Management

Access information about specifiers who are interested in your Profile & contact them.

Genuine Enquiries

Receive and respond to direct enquiries tenders or Jobs in hand and questions from specifiers.

Unlimited File Uploads

Add unlimited files, images, BIM objects, CAD files, data sheets, sample and specs.

Benefits of WIDA

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Your Company profile can be easily found through out the web


Reach-out real audience and avoid the junk un wanted traffic

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Integrate your products with active specifiers and get them linked to your updates.


Feature your product and services through targeted news letter sent to specifiers.

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Host unlimited content including company profile, projects and more

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Search Specifiers and find your best matching client, keep them updated on your profile, products.

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Measure realtime ROI and ROM of listing your company with WIDA supplier search


Get dedicated Account manager to consult how to be more visible to specifiers

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Build a network of potential and current clients through getting positive reviews.

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Boost you sales value through investing in the right marketing communication channel

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