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WIDA is construction intelligence and database provider of Product, Suppliers and sub-contractors search platform, build to help construction firms simplify and streamline pre-construction leads phase with the largest network, most accurate project information, specifiers database and all-in-one platform with anytime, anywhere access. 

Products, suppliers and sub-contractors information are published in a searchable and structured format to keep our audience informed of new trends, case studies and recent updates of suppliers and sub-contractors in the Industry .

Established as World Interior Design Applicators UK, WIDA has collected, processed and delivered insights & intelligence on the built & fit-out construction since 2013 helping our clients to generate new business.  

Project Intelligence

Construction firms by using our live Project Intelligence Service Platform can streamline their pre-construction and customer acquisition practice with the largest network, most accurate and live project information.


Our partnership with leading Specifiers and market intelligence consultants provide unique gateway for our suppliers to enhance their portfolios, driving their innovation with measurable ROIs.


Multi Dimensional Services

Sales Management

WIDA’s sales management program is the ultimate support for construction firms, building strong lead and powerful sales pipeline is corner stone of organisations successes.

Content Marketing

We provide data to mail merge customer marketing materials including emails and direct mail. Export contacts, account information and Inquiries data to generate accurate reports.

Training Services

We offer a comprehensive and specialist Market reporting service both to Construction and Fit-out markets companies relating to project market information, research and business development within the entire construction industry.

We are pleased with the results WIDA has given us. We only use this service to follow up generate business leads we already know about in our industry due to time restraints, and the information included has led us to secure orders which have more than paid for the years’ service in a little less than two months! We are astonished by its potential for new business and networking opportunities, and will be pursuing them eagerly once we have more resource to commit time to it.
Jaysh Nayer
TLC-Managing Director

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